Duane is an excellent communicator and an exceptional leader. He is viewed as mentor by many of the individuals he works with, and by the students he has taught. One of Duane’s greatest strengths is his organizational skills. He has the ability to see the big picture, while executing the small details, like few can. - Allison Stewart
Operations Director
Kansas WorkforceONE
During my tenure as CEO of one of the largest nonprofit affordable housing organizations in Kansas I hired Duane to work with my entire staff. The consulting work he did helped them to become a much more cohesive and productive team. This training completely changed the leadership development strategy for the organization - and we saw exponential growth as a result!
— John Scott - Founding CEO, InterFaith Housing


I’ve observed Duane’s innovation with things such as the creation of a HutchCC Chess Club. Not only did it make an impact with students in his Work Ethics course, but also with students across our campus, in area schools, and in our community. He created a team of students to work with him, to energize a viral knowledge and love of chess in our local elementary school, middle school, and several area high schools. Multiple high schools have consequently formed chess clubs because of his leadership. Duane also led a large “50 vs. One” simultaneous exhibition and a blitz tournament at our Kansas State Fair. Hutchinson has gone from no chess presence to impacting several hundred people each year because of Duane’s initiative. His work has connected people! Jillene Cunningham, Dep. Co-Chair